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Data curation is key to success in every industry

AI data curation can impact the time to value of data in every industry.

Our framework is built to fit to you. With a focus on R&D and lean development we have focussed on solving one problem: generating a high quality data asset with minimum manual intervention.


Automate evidence gathering

80% of data collection for due diligence and screening processes can be automated using AI.

Our cutting edge IP in AI concept resolution allows us to match and merge key information found not only in databases but also extracted from free text and documents.


This significantly reduces the amount of time analysts have to spend on search and discovery. By short cutting the data gathering, they can focus on high quality analysis and conclusions. 

Massive volumes of new information are being released continuously in the news, on websites, and blogs. This mountain of data grows, every single day. It has become a very challenging task to stay on top of your current and future investment portfolio.

By having our solution doing the heavy lifting of sifting through and curating data you can stay on top of developments in your niche industry of interest.

Hear about key opinion leaders, be the first to find new products and emerging companies, be ready for changes in your competitive landscape, and be aware of new investments.

Private Equity

Stay informed

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