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Our platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to match data across all your sources and enrich it with hierarchies, semantics, or external datasets.

Platform Components

With our software, you can easily explore and navigate your data; build profiles and timelines, or make search more effective.

We solve the key challenges; scaling, integrating external reference data or insights extracted from NLP, and keep lineage of decisions.

Match and Merge 

Gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and entities within your data.

Bring Your Own AI

Use our AI models to process your data or bring your own NLP.


Our intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone on your team to use, regardless of their technical expertise.

Manage Your Data

What does it do?

Alchemia is an AI platform for integrating and aggregating data. We automatically transform, enrich, and interconnect data from multiple sources.


Our deep-tech capabilities combined with select tooling are used to help organisations efficiently and effectively merge and harmonise their data.

The platform allows users to easily access and explore the transformed and connected data, while supporting the integration of new data later or by adding reference data and documents. 

Use Cases


AI Data Management

Match and merge data from different structured or text-based sources into one golden record, with or without a human in the loop.


Horizon Scanning

Build profiles with continuous updates on your favourite topics, companies, and entities in real time.


True Nature of Business

Connect external data to your customer profiles to extract knowledge and get a deeper understanding of the nature of their business.


The Alchemia platform is key to enabling a wide variety of use cases.

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