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Entity Resolution

Privacy-preserving entity resolution allows companies to combine data in a way that protects the privacy of entities within their data.


By enabling organisations to match their data they can more easily collaborate on projects and achieve new outcomes while also prioritising privacy and remaining compliant.

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Entity Resolution Across Organisations

By combining data you can create aggregated insights across privacy boundaries. For example, when banks want to share information when fighting financial crime or when healthcare organisations want to share information on patients with rare diseases to improve patient care or research outcomes.

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Healthcare Data Sharing

Different healthcare organisations may hold data about the same patient or the same disease area, but the data may be stored in different formats and may not be easily comparable.


Using privacy-preserving entity resolution, organisations can share their data and match records to identify the same patient or disease area across their different systems.

This can help to improve the quality and accuracy of the patient's medical records, and ensure the patient receives the best possible care.

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Data Sharing for Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing

Banks have a responsibility to police the money which flows through them, but it is difficult to see the full picture when criminals hide their transactions across multiple banks. 

Using privacy-preserving entity resolution, financial institutions can match customers while not sharing any confidential information. 

By seeing the bigger picture banks can greatly improve the chances of finding unusual movements of funds and detecting money laundering or terrorist financing activities.


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