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Financial Services

Combine all your data into one golden record, enriched with external data and continuously updated with new information.

Improve customer relationship management, or risk profiling by linking together data from multiple sources, such as customer accounts, credit reports, and corporate hierarchies to better understand your customers' needs and preferences, and provide more personalised services.

Water Drops
Collect and Combine

Plug multiple sources into a single platform.

Cold Water Bottles
Enrich and Refine

Add hierarchies, enrich with semantics, refine results.

Refreshing Drinks
Impact the Bottomline

Present and consume your high quality data assets.


Protecting the financial system

​​Perpetual KYC
  • Ongoing monitoring and verification of a customer's identity and risk profile.

Counterparty Risk

  • Identify and link records that refer to the same counterparty. 

True Nature of Business 
  • Match records with additional information, such as details on the business, location, or ownership structure.

Combine and update your data

  • Find and reconcile multiple accounts created with the same personal information.

Corporate Hierarchies
  • Match your data to external datasets and continuously update definitions for a future proof solution.

Human in the Loop
  • Auto-merge when certainty is high or evaluate near-matches and update profiles when there is a need for human review.

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